(Clutching) Why Kassia Missed Her Party atten: Foreth/Truenoth/Talith #clutching Part 1 #clutching


Kassia was just rebraiding her hair after putting on her birthday dress. She'd gone fancy with a red dress that hugged her upper body and flared out slightly at the bottom where there was a high leg slit.
Foreth had been unusually bitchy and restless that day, so Kassia was ready to get away from her for a little bit. She put up more of her walls of their bond to give herself mental breathing room. She'd make it up to her lifemate the next day.

She walked out of the temporary wher and into the Caverns where Brogan was waiting for her and Foreth was. Only instead of laying down as usual, the Queen was on her feet (her leg thankfully healed by then) and making circles on the Sands. The Queen grunted, her wings raising and then lowering as her tail lashed.

"Feck," Kassia said, lowering her walls again. "Right now?" She recognized the signs that Foreth was clutching.

((They come when they come,)) Foreth said, voice strained.

Sympathy ran through Kassia. She knew how painful it was to give birth and she only had to push out one baby. Foreth had who knew how many eggs in her, but hopefully it was more than one. Who knew after the weird flight.

"Okay, love, I'm here for you."

Foreth had stopped circling and laid down with a grunt. Kass went up to her and when Foreth lowered her head, she caressed her lifemate's face and her headnobs. Foreth wasn't always one to life affection, but she leaned carefully into the touch.

Kassia kissed the gold's cheek and then backed off to give Foreth room to move as she needed. She settled in the Ranker's Stands to watch.

((Truenoth and Talith,)) Foreth called. ((Get over here.))

A few minutes went by as she waited for them to hopefully turn up and then she grunted and got up to circle again.

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