Re: Browns Are Always Best ((Attn: K'sway, Calyse))


Calyse's lips twitched into a smile again at his open invitation, pleased that her company was wanted. It felt so nice to be *wanted* after a lifetime of being invisible back home. "Not too busy that I can't clean a dragon," she laughed self-consciously. "I don't think many of us would give up this chance. Y-you're, um, well, what we want to be. This is part of what we want."

Her scrubbing became absent as her eyes tracked the flits in play, her smile broadening as they deposited the soapsand helpfully on Sixanth. "Now that's a useful trick," she observed, beaming. "A little more over here, you all!" Calyse indicated with her brush. 

On Sat, Jul 4, 2020, 11:32 AM Steelsilver <theglitteryone2@...> wrote:
"You're alwayth welcome to come help me if you see uth." K'sway offered. "I know Candidates are busy a lot." 

He paused. "I'm originally from a cothold here. Never thought I'd Impress, but I did, to the betht brown ever." 

PrettyGirl trilled, and dived at the bucket of soapsand, scooping up a little bit of it in her claws and putting it on the brown. Excited for this familiar game, Lai joined in, and not to be outdone, a blue flit swooped down to join in, chattering away. 

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