Re: Browns Are Always Best ((Attn: K'sway, Calyse))


"Callamere.. I think I've heard that name before, but I-I'm honestly not real familiar with it. Smarter flits?" She took one look at PrettyGirl and nodded her head as if she had seen proof before her very eyes. "I would believe that. She's already smarter than the bronze I met." Calyse's cheek twitched at the memory before she seemed to realize she had offered to help with a chore. 

"--Oh, shards. Um, sorry, don't mean to keep distracting us. S-sorry, Sixanth," she apologized hastily, scrubbing the soapsand into the brown's hide. "You'll help me though, right? With the egg, and the firelizard after? When the time comes, I mean." The questions were directed at K'sway even if she kept her eyes on the dragon. 

On Fri, Jun 26, 2020, 8:06 PM Steelsilver <theglitteryone2@...> wrote:
"Thome flits can be kinda dumb." K'sway responded. "Callamere'th better than wild, but all three of mine are wild. Well, Skit and Lai are. Think PrettyGirl'th part Callamere. Special breed." he added, in explanation. "And sure. Th'egg'll go feral if they don't Impress, an' I alwayth try and find Lai's eggs. Don't need pests." he added. "Don't worry about it. So many flits around here..." 

He gave her another smile, before clicking. "Here, Pretty." The green finished her song, stretched luxuriously, and then flew back to K'sway's shoulder to give him a nuzzle and resume her perch. 

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