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"Very nice." Delysia complimented after the harper was finished. "It's certainly a lovely instrument." Aoede echoed the praise with an appreciative trill of her own. "Do you mind also playing something in a minor key - so that I can hear the contrast?" Delysia requested. 

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Elowyn smiled graciously at the gold rider's apology, shaking her head as if to dismiss her concern. "No harm done," she lied lightly, as there had been some bruises to her ribs and her pride. "And no hard feelings, I assure you. Part of me wishes she had been right when she dropped me on the Sands, but ah, a rider's life is not to be mine." An embarassing wistful quality colored her tone. Perhaps it was because she felt a strange connection to Delysia thanks to the eventful Hatching, but this was an admission she had given no one else. 

Equally glad to change the subject, Elowyn cleared her throat before answering the question. "Oh, certainly. It would be my pleasure," she smiled and plucked one of the flutes off the table. "I'm always glad to meet riders interested in music. I find that most folks underestimate the range of a whistle like this one." Putting the mouthpiece to her lips, Elowyn blew a few quick notes in a scale before launching into a lively jig. Rather than tinny, the sound was warm and rich, smooth by the effort of her diaphragm control. 

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The unexpected reaction to a very rote introduction gave Delysia pause and made her take a harder look at the harper Journeywoman. The was the comment on grip that allowed her to finally place it. "You were one of the visitors that Razelth, ah, chose to relocate. I do apologize for her high handedness, and hope that you'd be willing to forgive a mother's very natural anxiety over her child." She replied smoothly.

{{I don't apologize.}} Razelth huffed in Delysia's head. {{I had to help dear Feegith, and I did.}}

[[Oh hush you.]] Delysia reprimanded silently, though not with any real fervor. 

Delysia was very happy to turn the conversation back to the instruments. "I play the gitar and some harp. I've never learned how to play the flute but would like to." Though given the constraints on her time, that was more wistful thinking than anything else.She gestured towards the flutes. "Do you mind demonstrating the tones of these instruments so that I can hear them?"

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"...Razelth?" Elowyn repeated the dragon's name as recognition dawned on her face tinged by what seemed almost like fear in her eyes. She swallowed, regaining her composure with the same practiced ease that let her shove the memory of being plucked from the Stands by a frenzied gold dragon into the back of her mind. "She's got a good grip, that one. Ah, no, they're not," she transitioned to the subject of flutes. "You would be surprised by what gets shoved into a crate and ignored for a few decades." A smile flashed on her features. "Do you play?"

If Toki was disappointed by failing to win Aoede's attention, it wasn't readily apparent. Eager to please a gold though he was, the little bronze was just as easily distracted by the jewelry on passing Gather-goers. Elowyn hadn't missed the flit's interest in the instruments and commented with a laugh, "She has your good taste, it seems!"

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"Delysia, rider to golden Razelth." Delysia introduced herself when prompted. She surveyed the instruments, starting with and focusing first on the row of beautifully carved flutes. "Is this your work?" She asked.

Aoede greeted Toki's arrival with cool chirp and a flutter of her wings - the gracious queen acknowledging but not encouraging her supplicant. Strangely enough, or maybe not for those who knew Aoede, her attention too seemed to be focussed on the instruments on display. Her eyes whirled with bright curiosity as she gazed down at them.

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Elowyn smiled broadly to see the woman approach, recognizing the goldrider knots on her shoulder more than the unfamiliar face. "It is, indeed! And good afternoon to you as well, you honor me with your presence, ..." she laid the praise on thick, ever the showman, and paused to let Delysia supply her name. She knew the Weyr had three goldriders; better to wait than assume the wrong one stood before her. 

The queen on her shoulder drew blue eyes, and no sooner had she opened her mouth to greet the shiny firelizard than her own bronze popped into existence. Toki dove down from the air, winging in a wide circle around the two newcomers. He trilled emphatically, fluttering out of reach. 

"Hello, pretty girl," Elowyn cooed to the gold before pinning her firelizard with a glare as he went about his antics. "Don't mind him. He's harmless. Stupid, but harmless." 

Toki didn't seem to care, windmilling through the air in hopes of catching the shiny's attention.

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Delysia simply could not walk past an instrument stall without taking the opportunity to browse. So what if she already owned more instruments than she could conceivably learn to play in her near non-existent free time. Sometimes there was pleasure to be had merely in the ownership of a thing.

"Good afternoon." She greeted the harper on duty. "Journeywoman Elowyn, isn't it?" Despite no longer being a harper, Delysia still visited Harper Haven quite often, and knew most of the Masters and Journeymen on sight.

The small firelizard queen perched on her right shoulder also fluttered her wings in greeting. This was more acknowledgement than a human usually received, but Aoede has always had a soft spot for harpers.

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The second day of the Gather had arrived and Elowyn was prepared to do business. She arrived early to setup the table, a simple blanket spread across it on which to feature the wares without stealing attention from them. With the help of the Candidate who has so graciously been willing to assist, they arranged an eclectic variety of instruments for sale. The Haven had been willing to part with a small portion of the profits as compensation for manning the booth, once she had stormed the right office brandishing her cast, anyway. Though she was prepared to haggle if necessary, the Harper fully intended to be rid of these instruments even if it meant giving them away. 
First, arrayed side-by-side were a group of simple wooden flutes best suited for all experience levels. Crafted individually by some journeyman's hand, each flute was unique and will only gain character and depth of tone with age. Hard, dark timber was somewhat difficult to carve, but allowed the instrument to produce a warm, mellow sound. 
Next up, a collection of small drums and a pair of smooth-sanded sticks that matched each. The drums themselves were nothing special, stretched hide of varying quality, likely the result of apprentices learning the process. These were brightly painted children's toys and practice instruments, able to take a beating. They stood arrayed in a line around the table and in stacks on either side, numerous.
Two metal-strung lap harps, both fairly nice items with artistic renditions of a faire of firelizard carved into the wood, sat side by side atop the table beside the flutes. An additional coil of woven strings lay next to them, replacements for any that might snap in time. 
Lastly one lone tambourine had been propped up at an angle against a drum, highlighting the unusual instrument and its tiny metal cymbals. 
The Harper absently strummed one of the harps on display, wearing an eye-catching blue blouse with a plunging neckline and a smile for anyone who looked their way. "Step up!" She beckoned, "Take a look, see what strikes your fancy!" Other boxes stacked behind the table suggested there was more where these instrument came from.
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