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On Sun, Jun 28, 2020 at 12:23 PM Jerzy Tobin <jerzytobin@...> wrote:
The heat was excruciating.  Even though he'd been in the South for
nearly a decade now, he'd never dealt with temperatures like *this*.
It was the sort of thing that had the bronze rider dreaming longingly
of the mountains and snow.  Someplace - any place - cooler than what
Arolos had currently become.  And worse yet, there was Fall tomorrow.
So he couldn't just pack up and slip off for a few days, and neither
could his Wing, much as all of them wished otherwise.

There had been Drills planned for today for the Wing, but as hot as it
was, T'ryn didn't want to be any crueler than he had to be.  He felt
his Wing was Fall-ready, Drill wise.  He would cancel the main drills,
to give his Riders a chance to rest through the worst of the heat.
But before that, there was going to be a check of all their Flight
gear.  He might be willing to cancel a drill, but the gear check was
something he never put off.  They could use the spare time to fix any
mistakes or imperfections that got picked out.

((Myholth, alert the Wing.  Gear check in half an hour.))

The bronze rumbled an assent, and sent the message to the dragons
under his command.  They, at least, weren't bothered by the heat.
Half an hour later, T'ryn and Myholth were both waiting, fully rigged
themselves, to inspect the rest of the Wing.

ooc: if you want to have T'ryn notice something wrong with your
harness or whatnot, let me know.

The first thing M'lex learned when he realized it was hot and still getting hotter, it wasn't even mid-morning at that point, was that the Creche was making sure the children kept cool.  Yes, he'd checked on his daughter before he went back to his own work.  That was just the type of person he was.  So when Zereath informed him that Myholth had said there would be a Gear check in half an hour, M'lex hadn't finished checking over everything.  He'd done the harness first and moved onto check over his helmet, but he'd not gotten around to the rest by the time he strode out onto the Weyrledge where Zereath was waiting.  [[Time to get on down there!  Can't leave the Wingleader waiting on us.]]  He patted the bronze hide when he got settled onto the bronze's back signaling him to take off.

The bronze sprang off his ledge and swooped down, landing swiftly at the meeting spot.  {{We're here, we're ready to be checked.}}

OOC: His harness and helmet are in good shape, but if you want T'ryn to notice a worn hem on his riding jacket or something like that, then go for it.

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