Re: Gather Dance: I Know I Like Dancing With You ((Attn: Kinara, Melody, and Kiloka)


Kinara watched the interaction with Kiloka and Melody with a smile, glad her daughter had such a great Dad in her life. If Kinara had any inkling of the concern Kiloka had about Kinara trying to foster Melody's interest in runners, she'd have reassured him that she, of course, would want her daughter to be happy and choose her own path, even if it meant being a rider like she was. Kinara was just trying to show Melody, even with her at such a young age, that she had options...much more options than either laundry, kitchen, or struggling through candidacy like Kinara had had at Fort, and at the Harper Hall before being searched for Fort

Melody jumped up from her seat at the table at Kiloka's words, hardly even waiting for the jewelrycrafter to make his way toward her with his offered hand. When he *did* get around the table toward her and offer his hand, Melody grasped it without reservation and then giggled at Kiloka's complimentary words. She shook her head fast, her bright red curls that had escaped from the half-up half-down hair tie bouncing around the young girl's face, as she said with adorable exasperation "Daaad! You're just saying that." But despite the little girl's denial, she was delighted by his compliment. 

Having taken her Dad's hand, Melody bounced up and down in excitement as she wanted to hurry then out to the dance floor. But she knew her dad would lead her out there, and so she exercised that dreaded 'patience' that she'd been taught in the creche. 

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>> Kinara and Melody had been having a blast during the Gather with Kiloka. Each day Kinara had arrived with Melody and Kiloka and made sure that the little girl had fun. They went by stalls and looked at all the pretty items on sale, but they spent more time visiting the runners that Melody had already shown interest in. The little girl loved looking at the 'pretty ponies', and so Kinara did her best to foster that interest hoping that her young daughter would find a path different from her own. As much as she loved her green lifemate, she wanted her baby girl to find her own much safer path to follow.

Now the trio were sitting at a table around the dancing floor, the end
of the Gather upon them after having enjoyed listening to each of the
Harper Open entries. Then the floor was open for dancing and was
flooded with couples. As the Harper called out it being Lady's Choice
on the dance, Kinara glanced over at Kiloka and was just about to ask
if he'd like to dance when Melody beat her to it.

"Daddy, won't you dance with me pretty please?" The little girl asked
hopefully, as Kinara just closed her mouth and smiled at the pair of
them. She did give Kiloka a small nod as if to say she'd be fine with
him on the dance floor.<<

Kiloka had had a great time spending the gather with his two favorite
girls, well favorite woman and favorite girl if he was honest. It had
been alot of time spent with the runners, which he knew what Kinara
was doing there, but somehow he didn't think it would work like she
hoped. Little Melody was going to be strong and independent if he had
any say in it, and while he understood wanting her to not be a rider
he wanted her to be able to make her own choice, but not just able to
do so, but willing to do so as well. He was going to make sure she had
the life she deserved and that her home of birth would never have
allowed her. That was his goal, well and of course for her to be
happy, he just hoped if she did decide to be a candidate when she got
big enough, that Kinara would be ok because that is one conversation
he could never pick a side on.

Pushing aside the thoughts of turns to come he returned to the moment
offering both his girls a smile as the latest song died down and the
Harper stood up to speak. He glanced over his shoulder and couldn't
help raising an eyebrow at the words at he turned back to Kinara and
Melody gaze lingering on his mate as he watched the look on her face
knowing she had something to know just from that. Before she could
speak though his attention was drawn to Melody and after catching the
nod from the corner of his eye offered the little girl a grin. "Of
course baby Girl." he agreed standing and moving around to her to
offer a hand "Everyone else will be so jealous because I will have the
prettiest girl out there to dance with."

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