Re: Browns Are Always Best ((Attn: K'sway, Calyse))


Calyse was fully absorbed by the sweet green, adoration on her face. It was hard to focus on her own sadness while PrettyGirl favored her with attention. The lengths she went to, posing and singing with such gusto, kept a charmed smile on her face. "First one I met down here nearly burned all my hair off," she admitted with the hints of embarrassment. "This girl is *much nicer*." There had been no ill intent on Fabio's part, but Calyse remembered the incident with some resentment. 

When K'sway spoke about Lai's clutches, Calyse's eyes snapped to him in surprise. "You would do that? You barely know me." It was more of an observation, no offense in her voice. She seemed to consider the offer, biting at her bottom lip. "That's-- that would be real nice, K'sway. No one's ever really given me anything like that before."

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"Seen others with more." K'sway answered, with a shrug, though he grinned when PrettyGirl began to sing once more, warbling at the gentle touches and shamelessly arching her neck, showing off, even spreading her wings and her small chest practically vibrating with the force of her song. "Eathy, Pretty." he soothed, supporting her with one hand, the other stroking down the green's back. "She singth all the time." he added, gave Calyse another smile. "Had Skit and Lai a long time. Sinthe before Sixanth." he added. "PrettyGirl ith Lai's daughter, latht clutch I kept an egg. Glad I did." A pause. "I could get you one." he offered, suddenly. "Netht time Lai rises?" 

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