Re: Browns Are Always Best ((Attn: K'sway, Calyse))


"Three?" That seemed to surprise Calyse, brows rising. "That's a lot them, isn't  it? Until I arrived, I think I'd seen maybe two in my whole life. --Oh!" As he offered her the younger green flit, Calyse's face softened like a mother looking at a small child. 

"You *are* a pretty girl, aren't you?" Her fingers brushed the long neck, scrubbing gently under the green's jaw. "You could tell me she had been Harper trained, and I'd believe you, with a voice like hers. You have a nicer singing voice than me." She smiled affectionately at the firelizard.

"Have you had them long, K'sway?"

On Fri, Jun 19, 2020, 8:00 PM Steelsilver <theglitteryone2@...> wrote:
"I hath three." K'sway told her with a smile. "Thith one is PrettyGirl. She'th the newest. That one's Lai." A gesture to the green perched atop Sixanth. "Two greenth and a blue, Skit."  

A pause, and then he reached up, gently scooped PrettyGirl off his shoulder and held her out. "She's the friendlietht one. Go on, Pretty." He encouraged, and the green flit regarded Calyse a moment, and then sang a scale again, nudged her head against the reaching hand. 

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