Re: Browns Are Always Best ((Attn: K'sway, Calyse))


Calyse watched the brown's head rise and a broad grin stretched across her face to imagine what he was saying. He hadn't seemed offended by her words, so she felt this was a good start. When K'sway spoke again, light blue eyes returned to him and the smile shrank to one small and almost shy. It wasn't hard to guess she felt more comfortable around dragons than people. 

"Nice to meet you too, um..." she paused, realizing she hadn't caught his name. Calyse went with the tried and true, addressing him by rank. "Brownrider." 

On Fri, Jun 19, 2020, 10:42 AM Steelsilver <theglitteryone2@...> wrote:
Sixanth hummed, and lifted his head away from Calyse, arching his neck proudly. ((I am a very good brown.)) He told his rider. 

K'sway sighed. "He doethn't mind." He told her. "Just being a fuss. Nithe to meet you, Calyse."

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