Re: Gather: Callamere Whers Stall Atten: Revai/Lennaye/T'ryn

Jerzy Tobin

Revai recognized the former Weyrleader. "Of course, sir. We don't normally sell to Candidates, but I trust you would ensure that the runner is well taken care of should she Impress?"
T'ryn nodded in understanding. He could see not wanting to sell such
valuable beasts to someone who couldn't guarantee to be around to care
for it later on, on the whim of a dragonet.

"I intend to do so, yes," T'ryn answered. "As it happens, Lennaye has
laid down plans in case just such a thing happens, and I wouldn't have
allowed her to come here if she hadn't. No matter what happens, I
guarantee that the runner would be well taken care of, no matter the

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