Browns Are Always Best ((Attn: K'sway, Calyse))


The Weyr was as busy and bustling a place as she had ever been, rarely did Calyse find herself entirely alone - even on days when she desired it. Late in the afternoon once chores and work had been completed for the day, she felt the need to stretch her legs. The air was hot and humid as it always seemed to be, sun hanging low in the sky above as the colors of sunset began to gather. Arolos was a beautiful place, Calyse had to admit, though it came with a bitter taste knowing this was where her brother had lived his last days. Not home in Benden where they both belonged, but here, surrounded by strangers. 

Her feet slowed near the lake, carrying her without aim while sad thoughts consumed her mind. Only when the water touched her toes with a startlingly cold splash did she realize where she'd gone, and stop before wandering further in. Calyse blinked from her reverie, focusing on the brown dragon standing aside the shore while his rider washed his chocolate hide. S'yon had Impressed a brown she had never been able to meet. The shame of it made her chest tight. He would have been such a spectacular brownrider, too. 

She found herself staring at the unfamiliar pair for several minutes before deciding to approach, unsure whether she wanted to disturb them at all. These were painful memories in her brain today.

"Good evening and clear skies," Calyse called so as to not startle them, rolling up the hideously yellow sleeves on her uniform. "Do you.. need an extra hand?" 

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