Re: Who Am I? Where Am I? What Are You Even Saying? (R'vbor, Healer)


"I don't think I could scratch if I wanted to," R'vbor admitted with a sigh. "My body is so heavy. Um... Last thing I remember. Thread. Dragon." He screwed up his face in thought. I felt proud... straps were good, I was good. Dragon was ready to flame. Then falling. Fell forever. Did you know dragons can turn white from being brown? It's cool to see."

Hircoth snorted outside in disagreement. It certainly had not been 'cool' at the time for him.
Ren's Riders: Arialae, C'fan (Fort), D'cul (AWLM), F'liau, L'nel, L'nix, L'yall, N'met (DH), Ran'omi, R'vbor, S'dren, Talena (ACM), T'eko, T'mah, Vofali (Searchrider), W'rian, Zyreai (Healer), F'lo (FF Weyrling), V'riu (FF Weyrling), S'lion (MD Weyrling)

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