Re: #stabbing If You Think You're Getting Away Attn Bl'by, Andronda, Cuylar, T'baran #stabbing

Laura Walker

"Mion, *please*!" Andronda set herself besides the other three riders,
at least momentarily.  She held her hands up to keep the guards from
advancing on T'barand for his attitude.  She understood that they were
just doing their jobs, but at the same time, inducing panic in what
were, by and large, most likely innocent people was uncalled for.

"These good gentlemen kept me safe from being trampled, Mion.  None of
us saw what happened, only heard the screams and the call to clear the

Then she turned to T'baran, Bl'by and V'rex.  "I apologize that my
presence has caused you good gentlemen trouble.  All I wanted was a
chance to dance as just another person, and not as a gold rider.  It's
rare that we have the chance to enjoy a gather just as *ourselves* and
not as someone to be approached with some future goal or favor in
mind.  My guards were on the sidelines to keep watch - as they were
asked - while I danced.  Keeping their eyes on me is their job; the
Weyrwoman has her own guards to watch her."

Why they hadn't seen an incoming attacker was a question for them, not
the ones here.

Bl'by licked dry lips and made the effort to find his voice. "Bl'by. Of blue Traynth. But he can't-- they won't question Traynth, will they?" That question was addressed to Andronda direct and had a note of panic in it, barely suppressed. "Traynth can't, he doesn't take questioning well."

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