Re: #stabbing If You Think You're Getting Away Attn Bl'by, Andronda, Cuylar, T'baran #stabbing

Rogue Kakashi

Apparently the guards weren't able to just accept the fact that they had done them a favor, and were going to push all the wrong buttons.  He knew that Bl'by wasn't going to take questioning well because of how forceful they had been with him and Traynth after the goldflight tragedy, and from the looks of it V'rex was turning into a nervous mess--he remembered the bluerider from Fort, so he wasn't surprised.  Strangely, T'baran didn't feel panic.  He fell into a position he'd fallen so many times before, at Fort, when his fellow blue or greenriders had accidentally run into a bronzerider or other ranker.  He put himself between the guards and the blueriders, holding both hands up in a relaxed posture, "Calm down, sirs.  We are all dragonriders, we would never harm another dragonrider," he began, looking from one to the other and then finally over to Andronda.  "We were just trying to help.  I'm T'baran.  These are Bl'by and V'rex.  Your boss can vouch for them, right?"

Now would be a good time for Andronda to prove she wasn't another crazy paranoid goldrider, T'baran thought to himself.  Either way, he wasn't moving, he wouldn't let the guards touch the blueriders.  "We didn't see anything," he added.  "We heard someone scream, then we got the order to clear the dancefloor... and so we did, keeping Andronda safe."  His eyes narrowed, "Where were the two of you?  What are your names?  What did *you* see?  We can keep being suspicious of each other or accept that we both did our best in the chaos and go home."

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