Re: #stabbing If You Think You're Getting Away Attn Bl'by, Andronda, Cuylar, T'baran #stabbing

Laura Walker

Bl'by's mouth opened and shut again, but no sound came out. This was how it started, this was where it went wrong, this was the path you headed down which ended in another gold questioning Traynth and Traynth couldn't, wouldn't take that kind of questioning again.

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> The greenrider knew that it was inevitable that guards appear at some point.  There had just been an alleged attempt on Kassia's life, so it was natural to protect the other goldriders present.  His attention was on Bl'by, who looked like he'd just seen a ghost.  "Come on, Blueboy," T'baran said, putting a hand on the bluerider's side, trying to shy him away from Andronda and her guards.  He glanced over to the goldrider and her guards, "You're welcome," he said, on Bl'by's behalf more than his own.  Turning back to the two blueriders he said, "Come, you both did a good job, you kept her safe, and now Traynth and Muikoth need us."
> Rolleth had been kind enough to provide the blue's name.  The green was perfectly calm--she didn't like golds anyways, thanks to all her lovely experiences with Harth at Ista.  One less wouldn't change *her* world, after all, and she did have Traynth back, which was one of the few things she did care about.
Andronda wished on her dragon's shell that she could have remained
just some anonymous lady that had gone dancing, especially with the
way Bl'by and T'baran were now looking at her.  Like she was something
to be afraid of.  It kind of hurt, actually, even if she couldn't
blame them.  Why would you want to stick around someone who might end
up getting you hurt, just because you might be in the way?  Someone
had gone after Kassia, what was to say she wasn't next?  Maybe not
now, not with her guards around, but all the same...

"Hold up," Mion said, reaching out to hold the trio from dispersing.
"I have some questions I need to ask you first.  Starting with your
names and ranks.  And whatever you might have seen tonight."

"Life is NOT a journey to the grave with the goal of arriving safely
in a prettily preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways in a
shower of gravel and party shards, thoroughly used, utterly exhausted,
and loudly proclaiming: "F*** ME, that Rocked!!" -unknown

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