Re: #stabbing If You Think You're Getting Away Attn Bl'by, Andronda, Cuylar, T'baran #stabbing

Laura Walker

Andronda had been alarmed when the one rider had recognized her;
someone had stabbed one Weyrwoman, who was to say there weren't riders
involved, and without her knots and everyone panicking, was he
*looking* for her specifically?  She couldn't manage to squeak out a
response, nor pull herself away from Bl'by's vice-like grip to slip
away.  Instead she was pulled along with the other two, towards the
edges of the crowd.  The mention that there was no keening of the
dragons did help calm some of Andronda's fear.  No keening meant
Kassia was alive, if not well.  But that didn't mean safe, by any
means.  Especially if gold riders were being targeted.

The more the crowd thinned out, the easier it was to scan the edges of
the dance square, and just as they spotted her, Andronda spotted her
guards as well.  A pair of large men, both tall and strongly built,
came striding over quickly to intercept the group of riders.

"Lady Andronda, are you hurt?" asked Mion.

"Sir, please unhand Gold rider Andronda," Tofin said, looking at Bl'by
sternly.  Not threateningly, because he didn't yet see a threat, but
there was an authoritative tone to his voice that would brook no
argument from anyone.

Bl'by hadn't been listening, hadn't really absorbed what T'baran had said before, was not in any way ready for a pair of guards to approach them. It was fortunate that his automatic action if approached by guards, well-trained by Fort, was to raise both hands into view releasing both Andronda and V'rex. He'd already been verging on panic, now he just stared at Andronda in utter shock because really he'd had nightmares that went this way.

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