Re: But you'd better not kill the groove Attn Ilanna, R'tal, Foreth, Kodah, ALL


((Huh? What's wrong with mine?)) Foreth had been half asleep when Talith's words came through. ((Mine's hurt? What happened to mine?)) Alone except for the guards outside the Caverns, Foreth started panicking.

Kassia, sensing the disturbance, reached for her lifemate. ((I'm fine, love. It wasn't me. I have guards.))

((BUT I CAN'T SEE YOU! WHO WOULD HURT YOU?)) The sound of Foreth's angry roar burst out of the Caverns and she projected her voice to be wide around. ((I'll GET THEM! NO ONE HURTS MINE!)) She struggled, her leg and wings still not fully mended, and then sank back angrily to bite at the Sands around her.

Kassia groaned. ((I'll get back to you. I've got guards, I'm safe!))

"Kodah, we have to find R'tal."

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