Re: Who Am I? Where Am I? What Are You Even Saying? (R'vbor, Healer)


OOC: No complaints on my end <3
R'vbor looked up at the healer who entered, eyes blurry and confused.
"Hircoth.... I know that name. Oh yeah, the voice in my head, the

{{He is out of it from being asleep so long,}} Hircoth supplied to Rena.

"I'm starting to hurt, healer," R'vbor almost whined, unable to
control his tone. "I'm so itchy too..."<<

Rena frowned at the first words, well that was not a very good sign,
he didn't remember his own dragon? "I will get a Journeyman over to
see about something for pain." she promised before mentally rolling
her eyes at the itching though not to R'vbor more just in amusement
that it seemed to be the first thing most people worried about so it
was a private amusement to her at this point "Well please do us a
favor and don't scratch R'vbor. Then how about you tell me the last
thing you remember."


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