Re: Gather Dance: Garden Variety Homicide! ((Attn: T'quinn, Calyse))


Calyse stood on the sidelines among others milling about while they sought dance partners. Lady's choice, they'd said, and this put her in the unfortunate position of having to approach someone. Pull yourself together, she thought silently while her eyes swept the room. It was her first southern Gather and the event had not disappointed, though she found herself feeling guilty for enjoying the festivities. She wasn't here for fun, she was here to keep up appearances. She didn't even like parties on this scale and her discomfort showed in her guarded posture with arms folded beneath her bosom, in the way she fidgeted from foot to foot. 

She hadn't come south with many pretty dresses as they tended to remind her of her mother, and so she had dressed fairly plainly. In place of garish candidate yellows, Calyse wore a loose white silk blouse tucked into the waistband of her flowing floor-length skirt made of fine linen itself dyed a deep, dark red. There were no real accessories beyond a tiny, golden runner pendant that dangled from her neck on a chain, a gift from her brother she was rarely without. Candidate knots hung on her shoulder almost like an afterthought.  Her light blonde hair had been twisted into a bun at the base of her skull, but stray strands were already beginning to escape. Each she noticed was tucked carefully back into place, but not even Calyse could fend off the frizz of southern humidity. 

She caught sight of a young man with cup in hand lingering on the edge of the dancefloor, watching like herself while he tapped to the beat. Her first assessment of him at a distance was favorable, well-dressed and handsome in a sort of boyish way. Taller than she was, too, by the look of it, which never hurt. Calyse made the decision then and there, moving abruptly with strides full of purpose. She cut along the outer edge of the dancers, approaching T'quinn without a moment of hesitation. 

When she came to stop directly in front of him, there could be no doubt as to her target. "Fair skies," she greeted him flatly, but not unkindly. Blue eyes sought to capture his with what might have been an uncomfortable intensity, but she was simply direct. "Would you honor me with a dance?"

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T'quinn's first Aolos Gather experience had been amazing! Despite the restrictions placed on him as a weyrling, he'd had a wonderful time. It had started with getting very lucky with a Arolos Cup bet, on a runner that had clearly been the undercanine of the group of contestant runners. He'd spent that first day considering what to spend the marks he'd won on and examining the stalls and talking with a few merchants here and there. He splurged a little and bought Wycker a gift, and himself a nicer shirt for the Gather Dance. But he had taken a little more time to consider the gift he was wanting to get for his totally amazing brown lifemate. He knew what he *wanted* to get for Aeliseth, but had to find someone who could do it if it wasn't already available for sale. Thankfully, it had been available and T'quinn had been able to surprise his brown with a series of a half-dozen elegantly-made glass runner figurines in different poses that were about the size of two palms together (about twice the size of normal figurines that could fit in the center of a palm), packed nice and securely in a slightly large padded box for transport. He'd managed to keep his brown from realizing he'd gotten a gift for him, planning to surprise Aeliseth with this when they got to move into their own weyrs. 

And now it was the last day, he'd worn his nice new shirt and vest combo that the tailor had suggested would look the best on him when he'd purchased it, the white shirt left gabing a little at his throat with the heat and the vest a very nice looking brocade in a series of different shades of blue and trimmed in brown. with his weyrling knots hanging from his shoulder. The tailor had spoken true though and so with the fit of his new vest he looked quite good...not that he'd noticed the many admiring looks tossed his way, of course. 

He was standing at the edge of the dance floor, watching the dancers as well as keeping an eye out for Wycker, and sipping at the last of a cup of juice. His foot was tapping to the music being played, but he held himself back from joining in, used to and more than happy to continue to just watch from the outside.

((OOC: This is set *before* the stabbing, of course.))


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