Re: [ Gather Dance ] Murder on the Dance Floor [ Attn. ALL/HEALER ]

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On Mon, Jun 8, 2020 at 12:47 PM, Aaron wrote:
The time it took for Cuylar to run to Sina seemed like an eternity to him. From the first scream to the cries for help, only a few moments passed. He was moving, and the guards let him through in a mere instant, but Cuylar could have sworn he had stood frozen for an hour.
"You're going to be OK," he said to Sina. "Help me lie her down. We're going to get you help, all right?"
"Here we go. Bend your knees." He laid Sina down onto her back with her knees flexed. He pulled out his knife and carefully cut away the fabric of her dress around the wound.
Nothing left in the wound, nothing stuck to it...
Cuylar would have torn up his own shirt, but it was fair to decently drenched in sweat from the dancing he had been doing with Bl'by. So he cast about for the first person he could find with a dry shirt on and said,
"Give me your shirt."
"This is my Gather best, I'm not about to–"
"The Weyr will compensate you, now give me your fecking shirt!"
The tone of Cuylar's voice set the man's eyebrows to climbing into his hair, and he argued no more. He pulled the shirt off and gave it to Cuylar, who began to cut it into strips to make an improvised bandage.
"You two. Go to the Healer tent and bring a journeyman and a stretcher."
These did not wait for Cuylar to use his Big Voice. They ran straightaway.
"See, there we go," he said to Sina. "We'll have you patched up in no time." This was going to require surgery. But he had to keep Sina awake and do his best not to let her go into shock. He dressed the wound and then covered it with more strips from the shirt, tying the covering strips on the opposite side.
Sh'ain held Sina as it dawned on him that the "attacked Weyrwoman" was in actuality her lookalike.  "You'll be okay, Sina," he said, then looked around.  "Can I get a Healer over here?" he called out loudly, looking around.  He would have waved just to make extra sure any Healers nearby knew exactly where to go if he hadn't been holding the woman up.  He looked grateful when Cuylar came over, and helped lower her to the floor as directed.  As soon as she was down and the other man started cutting her dress open, Sh'ain unbuttoned the gold-and-blue brocade vest and shrugged out of it, taking an extra moment to make sure that the blood on his hands and shirtsleeve didn't get on it in the process, and then started undoing the lacing of the shirt beneath, just enough to be able to pull it over his head.  By the time the random gawker had refused to give over his shirt, the bluerider was stripped to the waist and pressing his own into the Healer's hands.  One sleeve may have already been bloody, but the rest was still pristine and eminently serviceable for bandaging purposes.  "This isn't the Weyrwoman, her name's Sina," he informed Cuylar.
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