Gather Dance: I Know I Like Dancing With You ((Attn: Kinara, Melody, and Kiloka)


Kinara and Melody had been having a blast during the Gather with Kiloka. Each day Kinara had arrived with Melody and Kiloka and made sure that the little girl had fun. They went by stalls and looked at all the pretty items on sale, but they spent more time visiting the runners that Melody had already shown interest in. The little girl loved looking at the 'pretty ponies', and so Kinara did her best to foster that interest hoping that her young daughter would find a path different from her own. As much as she loved her green lifemate, she wanted her baby girl to find her own much safer path to follow. 

Now the trio were sitting at a table around the dancing floor, the end of the Gather upon them after having enjoyed listening to each of the Harper Open entries. Then the floor was open for dancing and was flooded with couples. As the Harper called out it being Lady's Choice on the dance, Kinara glanced over at Kiloka and was just about to ask if he'd like to dance when Melody beat her to it. 

"Daddy, won't you dance with me pretty please?" The little girl asked hopefully, as Kinara just closed her mouth and smiled at the pair of them. She did give Kiloka a small nod as if to say she'd be fine with him on the dance floor. 


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