Re: Gather: Callamere Whers Stall Atten: Marsali, Revai


She'd spent so long admiring the race runners and asking some very specific and detailed questions, especially those beautiful Callamere Whites, that she'd finally annoyed the stablehands enough for them to direct her to the Callamere where stall if she had more questions. 

So of course, after the race and picking up her winnings, the very short girl (standing at a flat 5 feet tall) hurried over to the stall she'd been directed to. In a nice pair of pants, instead of a skirt like most girls today, and a nice but kind of simple looking loose blouse with a clear set of candidate knots hanging from her shoulder, she had some curves but they were mostly hidden. It was the bright silky sheen of her pale blond hair pulled back into a runner-tail bobbing back and forth as she walked that helped people to realize she was indeed a girl. 

Approaching the stall, she waited patiently while others who were clearly interested in buying a wher or otherwise asking questions about them finished up, and then once it was clear she walked up. In a happy, polite voice she inquired "Hello there, miss Revai?"

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Prominently set in the middle of the Gather were the adjoined Callamere Wher and Wherhall stalls to the right was Callamere with Revai at the head. There she had a selection of eggs and even a number of whelps of the "pet" variety of whers that had been in development for turns. They weren't pets like a cat or dog, but they were designed to be dumber, more obedient, and smaller than the earlier lines and therefore hopefully safer for people wanting whers who weren't using them as working whers. Ever picky, she was quick to toss out on their ear anyone she thought that would mistreat her whers or would be unable to handle them. Never one out for a simple mark, especially when there was always someone else right behind them ready to buy anyway.


OOC: Anyone wanting a more "pet-like" wher can approach Revai who will ICly decide whether to sell or not.


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