Re: [Gather Dance] (I Wish I Could) Dance With My Father (Heersofali, any)

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Gathers were amazing. Everyone always had such a good time with their families and loved ones. His half-sisters had their father to play and dance with as did his mother, but who did Heersofali have? No one. Of course he could dance with Kl'ryn if he wanted but that just sounded so awkward. He was twelve, old enough to be a candidate now and thus a rider as well. He couldn't let himself be so sappy. No... the only man that he wanted to dance with was H'son. His father. But H'son had gone North so long ago and had left Heersofali behind without communication. He missed the man and Markath so much sometimes that it physically hurt and made an agonized ball of grief grip his throat. Heersofali actually had to wipe away his tears that formed at his thoughts.

Not for him, this life of abandoning children. No. When he was old enough and started fathering children, he would love them and know them. They would know that he loved them and would be there. He wouldn't make them hurt like he was right now. Heersofali swore that on the unhatched egg of his future dragon.

Micaya didn't have anyone to dance with, and even if her family were there she still was twelve.  Too young to dance with the bigger adults, still she loved the music playing and listening to the Harpers put so much enthusiasm into some of them.  She pretty much ignored the other people and bounced from foot to foot, enjoying the music.  She'd been at that for a few moments when she spotted the other Candidate, this one more her age.  His expression though didn't strike as someone who was enjoying the music that much.  Leaving where she'd been dancing, the dark haired girl made her way over to him.  "Hey!  Not quite the expression I was expecting to see around here!"

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