Re: Can *you* help *me*? (ATTN: Nyzara, Tyne)

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"It's my gold, Flare," she explained. "She's almost ready to cluch and I'm looking for information on how and where I can direct her to clutch safely."

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It certainly wasn't going to be done in a day, and probably not even a sevenday. But Tyne was spending as much time as she could working on the old recovery weyr that she had commandeered for the flit clinic. Wearing clothes she was happy to destroy and a scarf over her hair, Tyne hefted a large box to the ground, stopping to open it and finding another crate of empty numbweed jars that would need re-sterilising. At least she knew where they had been storing them. "In the back!" she called, looking up at the irritated chatter she noted from Bobbin, a flash of the Mindhealer through her thoughts. Oh, marvellous. This had better not been an "impromptu visit to check on you". She was far beyond that nonsense. But she was polite enough to take the woman's blindness into consideration and stepped out from the maze of boxes and towards the open front of what had been a wall. It had come down at some point and she was already discussing with the Woodcraft, about the installation of a large set of doors that would protect the front from weather damage as at the moment, the rain just blew right in. 

"How can I help?"

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The mess of furs, clothing, and miscellaneous items that her beautiful Flare had used to try to nest in her office had brought something home to the Mindhealer. She needed help. She needed knowledge. She needed Tyne.

"Lady Tyne?" she called, pausing outside of the disused weyr that a Healer Apprentice had led her to.

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