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It was. M'gal was just as puzzled as Sh'ain at Kassia's summons. He couldn't help it, every time she summoned him he thought of B'lin and the fact that he was being replaced. Then he'd shake his head at himself. It was silly to think that. Right?

But a private room in the dining hall felt like a breakup room. Then he saw Sh'ain inside when he entered. "Good evening, Pet," he said, kissing her. He glanced at Sh'ain, but the bluerider seemed just as confused as he was.

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Dinner with her mates wasn't usual, but Kassia didn't usually bother to ask them to join her in the private dining rooms in at the Dining Hall. She arrived first and made sure everything was ready. Juice for her. Wine for them. Good food on the menu. Brogan settled at her side. And she waited for them to show.
Sh'ain was a little confused at being called to one of the private dining rooms; usually when privacy was desired they ate in Kassia's weyr.  But when she called, he answered; that was just how things worked.  "Hey, love," he greeted her upon entering, giving her a quick kiss before taking his seat.  "How're you?"  He eyed the other place setting; just the three of them, so that killed his thought that she wanted a slightly more formal meal with a guest.  Well, assuming that third spot was for M'gal, he supposed.
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