Re: How to Mistreat a Dragon (Attn: Foreth, Kassia, Mendl)


Well, this just wouldn't do. Mendle marched over to Foreth and glared at Kassia. "Your dragon is sandbound and in pain from her injuries. Why would you yell at her like that?" A little part of her screamed to stop yelling at the Weyrwoman, but she couldn't stop. Another little part of her brain also said that Kassia was right--the fish smelled. 

Instead, she went to Foreth's injured leg and began cooing at the giant gold. "You poor thing, being all mistreated and such. How are you feeling today? I need to change your dressing, and make sure the bone is healing straight. You'll let me do it, won't you?" She patted the dragon's side. "And maybe you should eat," she whispered. "It'll help you heal faster. Or are you tired of fish?"

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"Feck it, Foreth, they brought you the fish you wanted, eat it!" Kassia yelled. Her hands were on her hips. Even with the nausea stuff she was feeling a bit sick to her stomach and Foreth leaving her breakfast laying around wasn't helping.

((Not hungry yet,)) the gold replied simply, her eyes closed and her chin on her good leg.

"I can't help the timing of the fish!" Kass gave a sharp yank of her braid. She knew it was a bit unreasonable to expect the gold to eat just because the food was there, but that didn't stop her being angry about the pile just sitting there for who knew how long. "Eat feck it!"

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