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Kianna carefully followed Mathern out and blinked in the brighter light. Her eyes had adjusted to the dimness of Mathern's office, so the brighter hallway took a moment getting used to. They started walking towards the Wherhall.

"If I don't Impress this time around, I'm going to withdraw from Candidacy," Kianna said out of the blue. 

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"Oh, OK, I see what you mean!" said Kianna. "I must be having an off day, I couldn't picture what you were talking about. Yes, that would work well. The usual whers have longer muzzles while the tunnelwhers...don't. Like, canines and felines! Yes!" Now she knew what she was thinking about. "Feline heads are rounder than canine heads. But what you're saying; yes, that would work! But you really should meet them; so yes, let's go to the Hall!"
This way too, she could maybe articulate better what she meant by screens. She studied Gleam--the wher probably didn't like wearing her goggles. Something lighter would be tons better.
"Great!  Let's get going.  Gleam, sorry, but you'll have to stay here," Mathern apologized to the wher.  She could sometimes be brought along with advance notice, but being a gold it was generally preferred that she not visit the Whercrafthall, and especially not when unscheduled.  

((Hmph.  Gleam stay, but want meet new whers,)) she acquiesced, if a bit grumpily, and went back to her nest.  ((Dim glow,)) she added, which Mathern chose to interpret as a request rather than an insult.

"Yes, I promise to set up a time for you to visit and meet them while we're there," she soothed, closing the lid on the glow basket even more so that the two humans could just barely see to make their way to the door.  Fortunately, she kept the area between the glows and the door clear for precisely this reason, and made her way to the door with the surety of long familiarity with the area; even if Kianna hadn't wanted to risk it, there was plenty of light coming in from the hallway once opened to make it easy.
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