Re: GATHER: What a Bunch of Freaks (Attn: Shalia, Valesa, Dyrina-sorry, Kime)


OOC: After. Just for consistency's sake, I'm setting all my Gather posts after.

"Oh my goodness, your firelizard hatched! Have you...oh, probably not. You're still not talking to Foreth, are you? But she's so adorable!" Valesa's own firelizard, Flirt, popped into the area after hearing his pet's excitement and chittered at the baby gold. He stayed well away, though. Being a blue, he was used to having golds tell him to get gone. Val had heard Shalia's friend, Sarati, was gifting her a gold egg. After all, when gold firelizard eggs were up for grabs, word spread throughout the Weyr at a rapid pace.

{{I'll let them know. But someone told V'Lesa that there's this place they have things like a fish-person, and a six-legged wher, and some weird looking people. The images were really weird, I mean, so strange.}} Secondhand images weren't always the best, but Elioth tried, giving Jenyth pictures of conjoined twins, a two-headed herdbeast, a man with tattoos all over his body, and a woman with a fishtail in a tank of water.

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Valesa was so happy her friend Kime had Impressed. What she wasn't happy about was Kime's dragon being too young, so Kime couldn't go to the Gather. But, Shalia could go. And Dyrina. And maybe while they were there, they could pick something up for Kime to cheer her up.
Elioth landed in front of the Candidate barracks and Valesa went in looking for Shalia. Meanwhile, Elioth contacted Jenyth.
{{Does D'Rina want to go to the Gather? V'Lesa's in front of the Candidate barracks, getting your friend. We know we usually plan things out, but it's been so crazy lately. So I hope she really wants to go! I heard there's weird stuff there this time.}}
Valesa was a little less exuberant when she went looking for Shalia. Just a little...
"Oh, hi, Val!" Shalia greeted her friend.  She was, strangely enough, in her Candidate uniform, although at least she was back in the altered version which was somewhat more flattering than the basic uni she'd been wearing last time they'd seen each other immediately after the Hatching.  Also strangely enough, there was a Foreth nearby... or at least a young flit who was a dead ringer for the dragon.  "Lucky timing, I was on my way out, you'd've missed me a few minutes later."
{{She's getting ready right now.}} Jenyth reported, with what seemed to be a suspiciously large amount of mirth in his mental tone. Then again, you never could really tell with Jenyth.

There was a pause as the blue communed with his rider. {{She says she'll meet them in front of the barracks. What weird stuff?}}

OOC: Is this before or after the runners race? Because if it's after, Dyrina will have 25 marks that she'd be looking to spend ;)

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