Re: Fashionable Wher's Wear (ATTN: Diagir / Asheran) #whercraft


"I've got time for anyone with questions on whers," Diagir stated while opening the door, curiously looking down at the crafter... candidate?... before him. "What's your question, son? Or is this going to take time that you'd rather come in? I promise mine won't bother you, they're in their dens."
Ren's Riders: Arialae, D'cul (AWLM), F'liau, L'nel, L'nix, L'yall, N'met (DH), Ran'omi, R'vbor, S'dren, Talena (ACM), T'eko, T'mah, Vofali (Searchrider), W'rian, Zyreai (Healer), F'lo (FF Weyrling), V'riu (FF Weyrling), S'lion (MD Weyrling)

Ren's Crafters: Diagir (Whercraft), Reitz (Whercraft), Torinael (Healer)

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