GATHER: Shopping is Good for the Soul (Attn: Dytha, Mendl)


Mendl had been having nightmares. Not screaming ones, but ones that woke her up with a jerk, or that if she did wake up, she couldn't get back to sleep. All these dreams featured dead embryos in eggs coming to life and chasing her calling, "Save me! No, save ME!" 

She knew that what had happened needed to be done. The look of relief on various faces when they determined it was the quake that killed the eggs and not the parentage was proof-positive of that.  And so what if one was still alive? She still was.

It still bothered her though.

But all that was the past. Over and done with. Now there was a Gather in town, and she had a good friend who would help her spend the mark she got from Master Larsin. Since said good friend also received the same amount from him, they could go on a fun shopping spree.

So, she walked up to Dytha's weyr to see if she and Ponth wanted to go shopping. And maybe she would talk to Dytha about her nightmares...

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