How to Mistreat a Dragon (Attn: Foreth, Kassia, Mendl)


Another apprentice came flying into the Dragon Infirmary in tears and threw down their supplies. "She's insufferable. I'm not going back in there!"

Mendle looked at the supplies and sighed. Yet another promising dragonhealer wannabe who just couldn't handle a dragon with a forceful personality. She picked them up and headed out. Obviously no one else was going to do it, so she would go and check on Foreth's broken leg.

Why couldn't people understand how to handle her? Foreth was fine, as long as you treated her with the respect she thought she deserved. If you exuded an air of belief in said respect, even better.

She entered the Hatching grounds and started talking right away. "Foreth," she called in a sing-song voice, "I know you missed me but you didn't have to make Nallya cry. You know you can always call me if you want me to attend you."  

It wasn't until she got closer that she thought she heard shouting. Was Kassia in a fight with someone?

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