GATHER: What a Bunch of Freaks (Attn: Shalia, Valesa, Dyrina-sorry, Kime)


Valesa was so happy her friend Kime had Impressed. What she wasn't happy about was Kime's dragon being too young, so Kime couldn't go to the Gather. But, Shalia could go. And Dyrina. And maybe while they were there, they could pick something up for Kime to cheer her up.

Elioth landed in front of the Candidate barracks and Valesa went in looking for Shalia. Meanwhile, Elioth contacted Jenyth.

{{Does D'Rina want to go to the Gather? V'Lesa's in front of the Candidate barracks, getting your friend. We know we usually plan things out, but it's been so crazy lately. So I hope she really wants to go! I heard there's weird stuff there this time.}}

Valesa was a little less exuberant when she went looking for Shalia. Just a little...

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