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"Oh, OK, I see what you mean!" said Kianna. "I must be having an off day, I couldn't picture what you were talking about. Yes, that would work well. The usual whers have longer muzzles while the tunnelwhers...don't. Like, canines and felines! Yes!" Now she knew what she was thinking about. "Feline heads are rounder than canine heads. But what you're saying; yes, that would work! But you really should meet them; so yes, let's go to the Hall!"

This way too, she could maybe articulate better what she meant by screens. She studied Gleam--the wher probably didn't like wearing her goggles. Something lighter would be tons better.

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"Yes, I've seen them," Kianna said slowly, "at least, Tamalak's. But I'm not sure how a hood will work. They're quite efficient for going through tunnels--they have these feeler-frond things on their heads/faces, like whiskers. Some are just like whiskers in that they carry the vibrations to their face, but the thicker ones are appendages unto themselves. So I'm not sure a hood will work, unless it's slender and we use straps to fasten it. I wouldn't want to hurt them, you know?" 
Even as she spoke, her mind was racing. "Maybe instead of a full-on hood, we have something like a screen?"
Mathern frowned thoughtfully, trying to picture this; the use of the word 'whiskers' suggested to her that they were concentrated on their muzzles.  "Well, I wasn't talking about a full hood.  The ones Ma made left their muzzles clear, just covered their eyes and heads, and strapped under the neck."  She demonstrated by tracing the outline on Gleam.  "Of course I wouldn't want to hurt them either, but I'm not quite sure what you mean by a screen."  She gave a small chuckle.  "Actually, I think first thing is I need to actually meet these tunnelwhers so I can see what we're working with.  You up for a field trip to the Hall?"
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