(Gather) Come One! Come All! Atmadja has it all!

Jerzy Tobin

Atmadja of GreenLeaf Trading Caravan had set her stall up in the same
spot she had set it up in for the many turns that she had been coming
to the Arolos Midsummer gathers. The tent that her tables were set up
under was brightly colored, and festooned with garlands of flowers in
a myriad of shapes and colors. Behind ithe tent stood her wagon, its
paint just as bright, having been touched up for the gather. Her two
Callamere whers, bronze Bronny and blue Noha were resting underneath
the wagon, watching the people stoll by, relaxed, but ready to come to
Atmadja's defence if it was needed. Her brown flit, Zydeko, was
perched on top of the wagon's roof, getting as much of the sun's
warmth as he could.

.Inside the tent were a number of tables were set up. Like always,
there were all manner of goods, all arranged by what type of goods
there were. On one side there were hides, expertly tanned and dyed
in all manners of colors, ready to be used for new shoes, boots, or
even leathers for harnesses for dragons, if any riders cared to buy
some. Next to the leathers there were bolts of cotton and linen
fabric, both dyed and undyed, ready to be made into shirts and
trousers and the like. There were also skeins of yarn and ribbons, as
well as some prettily woven
shawls. There were also hanks of thread for sewing and embroidery, in
different weights for different tasks.

On another table there were cakes of dye. The cakes were arranged by
color, with everything from green and blue to orange and scarlet. Dye
that was guaranteed to give firm colors that wouldn't fade for years -
under normal use, of course - or to change into less desirable
colors. There were a few cups of the dye set up with bits of scrap
fabric to demonstrate with as well, should any of the buyers ask.

There was some crockery and glaze-work, plates and cups in sets, some
sets of plain cutlery and a few pots and pans of various sizes.

Dangling from a wire connected to the two front poles that were
holding the front of the stall up were different types of necklaces
and bracelets, arranged from what there were made out of. There were
some that were made of brightly colored woven thread, others of wooden
beads that had been carefully painted, ones with beads made of carved
bone, and others made from shells.

"Come one, come all! Atmadja has it all! Step right up and see the
treasures I have for all you gather goers, all at a fair price! Step
right up, don't be shy!"

OOC: Come on, all you folks. Atmadja has pleanty of stuff for you to
gander at, and this trader loves a good bargain. Please put your
charries names in the subject line when replying.

"Life is NOT a journey to the grave with the goal of arriving safely
in a prettily preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways in a
shower of gravel and party shards, thoroughly used, utterly exhausted,
and loudly proclaiming: "F*** ME, that Rocked!!" -unknown

Whizzy: Jerzy
Aim: Yue146

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