Gather: Icy Treats stall

Jerzy Tobin

The tent wasn't as large as some of its neighbors, but then, it didn't
really need to be. Its purpose was to keep as much sunlight off of
the decent sized ice chest that was sitting inside, next to a table
stacked with various pots filled with different flavored fruit juices
and stacks of small wooden bowls and spoons. Also sitting on the
table was a sign that read: 'Flavored Ice - 1/8 Mark'.

Yeha had spent a decent number of the marks on that ice chest with
this idea specifically in mind. The ice chest had not come cheap, nor
had the special blade for shaving the ice that she'd ordered from the
smiths, but it had been well worth the cost. It was necessary if she
wanted to keep the ice she had brought in from the North from melting
into nothing within the course of a few hours. With that specially
insulated chest, the ice should last all day, or at least, keep it
from melting long enough to be eaten.

The blue rider had come up with, in her opinion, an ingenious idea.
What better type of treat to serve at the MidSummer Gather than a bowl
of flavored ice. It was cold, it was tasty, and as far as she knew,
there was nothing else like this anywhere else in the gather. And
even if the customers didn't want flavored ice, there might be some
who would be willing to part with a small fee for some of that ice for
their drinks.

"Flavored ice! Come get your flavored ice! A nice cold treat to beat
the summer heat!" Yeha called out to the people passing by the tent.

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