Gather:Wherhall Whers (Jaseto)


On the other side of the Callamere whers was the Wherhall tent. Where Callamere sold "pet" whers, the Wherhall (when it could be persuaded) sold working whers. It sold to people needing guards and help with search and rescue and other types of jobs and usually on contract. Most of the people around the Wherhall were Whercrafters themselves working on some project they wanted to show off or sell through the Hall. Anyone asking after eggs without good reason would be sent on their way.
OOC: This is the side where people can ask about joining the
whercraft, questions about whercraft, or if someone thinks they have a
legitimate reason for a working wher. <<

Jaseto had been saving marks for turns for this, well originally for
Callamere, but this was new and she had heard they may actually be
better for what she was looking for. With that in mind the traider
waited until her and her brother had the stall running well and it
would be fine with just him for a few moments to come check things

She had done some research, but it hadn't given her all the answers
she wanted. She did know it would be easier if she could find one to
bond if possible due to wanting to look after her and Tesser, but that
was about all she had figured out for sure. So honestly in the end she
was hoping that she could also get some help and besides it worked
better for her persona if she didn't have all the answers going in. So
while waiting for someone to be free she glanced around at the stall
in general waiting.


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