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"Yes, I've seen them," Kianna said slowly, "at least, Tamalak's. But I'm not sure how a hood will work. They're quite efficient for going through tunnels--they have these feeler-frond things on their heads/faces, like whiskers. Some are just like whiskers in that they carry the vibrations to their face, but the thicker ones are appendages unto themselves. So I'm not sure a hood will work, unless it's slender and we use straps to fasten it. I wouldn't want to hurt them, you know?" 

Even as she spoke, her mind was racing. "Maybe instead of a full-on hood, we have something like a screen?"

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"The straps, maybe.  The frame needs to be more rigid though, or you run the risk of it stretching and the lenses falling out, or at least leaving gaps letting light in.  I think if just have one set of lenses and work on the rest of it, it won't be as heavy.  Hmm, actually, wait a tick..." she said, appearing lost in thought for several seconds before speaking once more.

"When they were younger and still growing, Ma made hoods for Gleam and the boys.  It cut off their sight entirely, but it also blocked the light.  That might be something to consider at least for the short term."  She was sure the whercraft had better and lighter goggles than were available so many long Turns ago before whers started getting more accepted, but if what they had didn't work for these new whers, a short-term solution was better than nothing.  "Did you actually see Tam's or just speak to him?  Would a hood work for them?"
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