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Tamalak grimaced. "Yeah, I can hear them, but these two...they're asleep, so all I'm getting is weird images." He snorted. "If you ever wanted to know if whers dream, well, they do. But I keep wanting to go that way." He pointed, and though the Hatching Ground building was in that direction, so were several others. 

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"They got out?" Diagir asked in surprise. Who was going around leaving doors open in a place with baby whers, shard it? He wanted to get angry then but he wasn't yet in a place to discipline them so he kept it in check. "Alright... Wait, that's right, Tamalak, you can hear every wher, can't you? Can you sense where they are? If so, Diagirsk might have a better time finding them. Otherwise he may just use your scent to sniff them out."
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