Re: Is it ok to be happy and sad and mad? {Fellan, E'lis}


:Hello, buddy,:: E'lis signed with a huge smile after Fellan broke the hug. :: I'm happy to see you – we missed you, too. We've been well. How is your learning going?::
E'lis, too, had noticed that with both he and his kids having work
schedules, it made seeing each other more sporadic. But in some ways,
that made spending time together that much more special.<<

Fellan considered for several long moments trying to decide the best
way to reply, or rather what the reply was before finally coming to a
decision ::Hard.:: it was like back when he was leaning to read and
talk with his hands all at once only with less direct help most days.
::When TailorWynn is around to help it is easier, I like working with
her. She is lots better at signing now and it helps. When she isn't
there though I have to read the Master and Journeymen's lips and that
is harder when they aren't always facing me. I don't think most of
them try to either though.:: he replied. He knew it was going to be
harder for him, and that it would be harder to get the teachers to
well teach him so it didn't overly both him, but it was nice to have
someone who was willing to work with him.

ooc: started a reply yesterday, got distracted making up a list for
Fellan's Personal Sign for people he knows ... it lived on his sheet
on the Wizzy if ya wanna see it though it isn't done yet but i think
it has all the names on there at least ... i figure his poor Mamas and
Papas had the 'worst' names where he would have made them when he was
so little heh


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