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Tamalak didn't want to say anything because it would seem like he and Kalain didn't know what they were doing. But in his Turns at the Wherhall--not many, mind you, but some--he'd seen this thing happen before.

"Someone left the door to the barracks open, and Chato and Sleek got out," he said, looking at the ground. 

He couldn't help feeling like a naughty child around Diagr. The first time he'd met him, when he came to the Hall, he'd gotten a dressing down. Yes, it was deserved, but at the time Tamalak had just learnt that he heard all the whers, and was still getting used to it. So it had been an accident, talking directly to Diagr's wher.  Of course, he'd never done this again to anyone, but even now the remembrance stung.

"We're looking for them, but they aren't answering so they're probably asleep. Chato feels all warm and safe in his sleep." He looked at Kalain to see if his friend had anything to add.

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Senior Journeyman Diagir was out with his brown wher Diagirsk, firmly ignoring the needy whines of Ziya in his head. She was fine alone and she knew it- she just missed having Nuffink around. As it was, he was spending much-needed time with his trained partner when he saw the worried apprentices.

"What seems to be the trouble?" Diagir asked curiously, Diagirsk halting at his side.
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