Re: Is it ok to be happy and sad and mad? {Fellan, E'lis}


::Hello, buddy,:: E'lis signed with a huge smile after Fellan broke the hug. :: I'm happy to see you – we missed you, too. We've been well. How is your learning going?::

E'lis, too, had noticed that with both he and his kids having work schedules, it made seeing each other more sporadic. But in some ways, that made spending time together that much more special.


Fellan wished he could just stay like this, somewhere where he didn't
feel funny feelings, but he couldn't and after several long moments he
finally pulled away from E'lis. ::Hello PapaE'lis. I have missed
you.:: sure it hadn't been /that/ long since he saw the bluerider, but
it had been longer than it used too. With him being a big boy and a
crafter now he couldn't see his family as much as he used to be able
to when he was only a little brat in the creche. It made the time
between visits seem lots longer then it was at times ::How have you
and Lunakath been?:: he added after a short pause they looked ok, but
he had to ask.

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