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"I think the headgear is half the battle," Kianna said. "Once we get that taken care of, I'm sure the glass itself will be easier to work with. Too bad there's nothing safer, or lighter, than glass. I'm afraid if we grind it to thin, it could crack and get in their eyes." Not a good thing for anyone, actually. 

"I know we're considered the Smithcraft, but maybe the framework should be made from cloth, so it molds around their heads. These straps that the boy made could make it more comfortable in the long run, because they'd be adjustable."

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Mathern took the goggles from Kianna, weighing them in her hand.  "Heavy," she commented.  "They can't be enjoying that much."  Gleam left her nest as she spoke, and the Smith's hand automatically reached out to close the glow basket and dim the light; she'd rigged it so that it shone fairly brightly on her work area while leaving nest in dim light, but with the wher leaving she adjusted the light to suit her more.

((Goggles never comfy,)) the gold said.  ((Just needed.))  Mathern blinked as she looked at Gleam.

"How come you've never said so, love?" she murmured, reaching out to give her a rub.  "She said that the goggles have never been comfortable," she added for Kianna's benefit.  Mathern held up the goggles and peered through one of the lenses at the glow, frowning slightly and then shrugging.  "Well, we could probably rig up better headgear, but I don't think I could do anything about the lenses.  We'd need an actual glasscrafter for that."  She herself hadn't done much of anything with glass since her apprentice days.

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