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"Thank you," Tam said to Alyx. "Thank you Cremmie. You are a good boy." He ran to get his and Kalain's shoes, handing his friend's to him. "These are so new and different. I know the Impression bond is there. I know that I can feel Chato, and Kalain said he could feel Sleek. I just couldn't bear it if something happened to them."

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Alyx pushed her black curls away from her face, as Cremmie got off her chest and let her get up. Cremmie however didn't pay much attention to Tamalak, until Alyx asked him as well silently. Cremmie rustled his stunted wings, his version of a shrug and replied to Alyx simply. [Bored, they go play. I stay, Cremmie good boy.] Alyx threw her furs to the side, wiping the corners of her eyes and relayed to the worried boys. 

"Cremmie says they 'got bored and went to play." As she sat up, she stuffed her feet clumsily into her untied boots. "Get your shoes on and let's go find them before there's trouble. I think Cremmie can help sniff them out."
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