Re: Hide and Seek Tunnelwher Style atten: Sleek/Chato/Kalain/Tam


"Chato and Sleek are missing!" Tamalak said, voice as frantic as his looks. "Are they in here? Cremmie, have you seen them?"

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The two running about looking for whers hadn't gone unnoticed. Cremmie had been watching them, wondering what all the worry was about. Maybe they had some new game? The brown whelp sat up and jumped up on the cot with Alyx, poking at her face with his nose.  ['Lyx, Wake. Trouble. Maybe fun. WAKE!] The last word was punctuated by the brown flopping onto her chest in frustration.

Which of course did accomplish his goal of waking her up, even if it pushed all the air out of her like a punch to the gut. "Ow, Cremmie, get off, what's wrong?" Her brain took a moment to filter through his words, but once she did, she looked over at the two young men, who looked slightly frantic. Keeping her voice soft so as not to disturb the others sleeping still she asked the pair. 

"What's wrong?"
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