Re: Sunglasses at Night (Attn: Mathern/Kianna)


"I understand that feeling," Kianna said wryly. She'd been ignoring her Candidate classes lately, because she preferred spending her time in the Smithhall. She had already decided that if she didn't Impress during Foreth's clutch, she was going to hang up the Candidate knots and just Smithcraft full time. 

"Anyway, one of the Apprentices who has one came by to see you not too long ago, but you were busy, and he and I got to talking. It seems that since these whers live in the tunnels, they're more sensitive to light than, say, Gleam over there. He showed me the goggles he'd rigged together for his wher, and I thought we could do something for him." She held out a pair of goggles obviously jury-rigged: the headband was different, since their heads weren't as pronounced as the non-tunnel whers. His straps were put together like a bridle. The frame was leather and wrapped around the head, with open pockets where the lenses would go. He had two lenses in each pocket, but you could already see the leather sagging, letting light in from where the goggles didn't sit flush on the face.

"Tamalak wondered if we could make something better, lighter, with darker lenses."

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"Hello, Kianna," Mathern greeted the young woman.  As a rule, she disliked Candidates, but every rule had its exception, and Kianna was one of these.  Secretly (or perhaps not so secretly, for anybody who knew her) she was hoping Kianna would either age out or decide on being a Smith full time.

"No, I haven't.  I keep meaning to go meet them but... you know how it goes," she said ruefully.  Things always come up, the day gets away from you.
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