[AROLOS CUP] Safe Betting is for Wimps


The Gather was in full swing and it seemed like all of Arolos was out this day. Though the Arolos Cup wouldn't happen until the end of the Gather, not everyone would be waiting until the last minute.

R'zzon, on a rare foray without Tyne on his arm passed by the stalls. One's name called to him--Flits-a-Flamin'. In honor of his lady, he bet 1/2 mark. A bit more than he usually would, but he was feeling lucky. 

Margana was walking the Gather with little Arden in his sling. "You're getting too big for this," she said to him as she perused the runners. Perennial Bloom caught her eye, and she decided to lay 1/4 mark on her. After all, she could afford it.

Karla hadn't even thought about betting until she heard whispers in the crowd of one named Wher's Kiss. Curious, she went over to look at him, and fell in love. She immediately placed a 1/16 mark bet on him.

Valesa liked the looks of Silver Squared. She also had a thing for white runners, so she left the betting stalls 1/16 mark poorer.

Mendl always bet on a grey runner. SilverBell fit the bill perfectly. Plus, the more she saw of that runner, the more she liked her looks overall.

Tastes Like Chocolate caught M'gal's eye when he saw her during practice runs. In a moment of impulsiveness, he put 1 mark on the lovely mare.

Larsin had a thing for the underdog. Hard Luck was not only an underdog in the stakes, his name reflected it too. So he bet 1/2 mark on him, just to show he had faith in the stallion. And who knew? If he won, maybe Larsin would purchase him. Shards, even if he didn't win Larsin might do it anyway.

Torrela consulted her cards, mainly because she wasn't sure if she were in the mood to bet this Gather or not. Her cards talked her into betting and her cards indicated she should bet on Thread's Folly. Actually, it was all her, but she figured that whether she won or lost the 1/8 mark she bet on him, she'd just blame it on or give credit to the cards.

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