Re: Is it ok to be happy and sad and mad? {Fellan, E'lis}


((Your Papa comes now. You will not wait for long. If you do not say no, I want to stay with you, too. But if you want just Papa, I will go away after I leave him with you,)) said Lunakath, and very soon after, be the blue landed with E'lis in tow by the lake where Fellan waited.
E'lis slid down from Luna's back and rushed to Fellan. When he reached
the boy, he knelt and opened his arms to offer a hug and a smile.<<

[[You can always stay Luna.]] Fellan promised the blue as he watched
the skies knowing they shouldn't be too far behind him. When Lunakath
landed the twelve turn old was reminded that it was moments like this
he truly missed the ability to speak. Fellan wished he could yell out
his joy as seeing E'lis and knowing that it would be better, maybe not
ok, but PapaE'lis would make it better that was always the case. Still
that didn't stop him from grinning and wrapping his arms around E'lis
not hearing Sharp's hiss of protest at the sudden movement, but
feeling when she took off from his shoulder for now. He knew the
little gold wouldn't go far, but still mentally reached out to
apologize for forcing her to move.

Fellan wished he could just stay like this, somewhere where he didn't
feel funny feelings, but he couldn't and after several long moments he
finally pulled away from E'lis. ::Hello PapaE'lis. I have missed
you.:: sure it hadn't been /that/ long since he saw the bluerider, but
it had been longer than it used too. With him being a big boy and a
crafter now he couldn't see his family as much as he used to be able
to when he was only a little brat in the creche. It made the time
between visits seem lots longer then it was at times ::How have you
and Lunakath been?:: he added after a short pause they looked ok, but
he had to ask.


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