Re: Is it ok to be happy and sad and mad? {Fellan, E'lis}


"Thank you, Sharp," said E'lis to the firelizard with a stroke and a scritch. "Luna, would you please tell Fellan that I'd love to see him?"
((Hello, little one,)) Lunakath greeted Fellan. ((E'lis would love to
meet you as soon as you are able. Where should he go to find you?))<<

Fellan managed a smile at the blue's voice glad for the noise. It
might seem odd for someone who had been deaf nearly since birth to
dislike silence, but well he did. Maybe it was because he had so many
Mamas and Papas and brothers and sisters and aunts and uncles and they
all had so many dragons and whers. He didn't know and he hadn't met
anyone else like him to ask if they felt the same. He could do it for
a while, but it was always nice when he got the chance to talk with
one of the dragonetics that could well talk. Sharp and Storm were
perfect in their own ways, but talking to them just wasn't the same.
[[I am in the barracks. Can we meet alone? Quite spot at the lake
maybe?]] he thought back knowing Luna knowing the blue would be

He gathered himself up he quickly pulled on his boots and glanced
around for a moment. He out of habit grabbed his slate and chalk and
hooked it to his belt. Storm was absent so he knew he would just have
to watch for the blue and hope he hadn't gotten into anything. Once he
was sure he had everything and that he had properly stored away the
oil and clothes he used for Storm and Sharp he set out towards the
lake. Part way there he was met by Sharp who landed on his shoulder
and proceeded to tell him about the nice scratches she had gotten from
E'lis which are what had held her up. He offered mental reauurance
that he didn't mind the gold's delay as he offered her a scratch on
her chin earning a happy hum in reply.

As the lake came close enough he glanced around for a place that
didn't have too many people at it and headed that way. He felt like he
just didn't want to he overheard right now it just didn't seem right
because what if he really was broken for the way he felt? He didn't
need anyone but PapaE'lis knowing.


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