Re: Of New Arrivals (ATTN: Trifali, Rennitz)

Jessica Freise

"My, what a bunch," Fali laughed softly. "It's amazing to see so many. I was raised under Satali's thumb and my dear mother had no love for dragons, firelizards, or whers. Call me Fali, by the way. If you know T'rif, then you know my father."

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"Yes, that's fine so long as she didn't steal all of your food," Rennitz sighed before giving the other girl a smile. "You said that you're new? I'm Rennitz! And yes, this is Javensha and the faire that she's acquired. One of the browns is mine as well but the others... Let's see, that's S'lion's blue, he's a Weyrling who just Impressed; that bronze belongs to Candidate Luicion- best stay away from that bronze without Luicion or Javensha about, he's angry; that green is Seilly of Heersofali, and that bronze and blue are Sparkli and Lucky who belong to Heersofali's mother, Searchrider Vofali; watch out for that green and brown since they belong to ACM Talena and the brown, Kohut, loves tattling to her- Viggy is fine though, kind of sweet; the brown that looks like a burnt tuber apparently belongs to a greenrider, though Javensha can't tell me his name; That blue is Viorel who belongs to V'riu who's a weyrling from Foreth's last clutch; no idea who the other blues are; the last green I know is Nezhe, the tiny one. She's a baby and isn't always with the faire since she has to stay with her human Alesyion. The other greens I have no idea."
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