Re: Twisted Logic (ATTN: Nyzara/Zy'fen)

Jessica Freise

"Hello," Nyzara's answer was soft, understanding. "I don't have my gold hear to act as my eyes today, so I'll ask, who else is here?"

On May 21, 2020, at 8:37 AM, Amy Frazey <amyfrazey9@...> wrote:

Zy'fen had a slight frown concentration on his face as he held Tianmar carefully, rocking him from side to side as instructed by th creche worker who had brought the baby to him for a visit. He felt off balance, both emotionally and physically, at the sight of the baby that was most likely his son. The pretty Harper girl, the boy's mother, had visited him a time or two during the past weeks, bringing Tianmar with her, and Zy'fen was of two minds about that. On one hand, it was nice to see a pretty face. On the other hand, he didn't want her to think of him as not being a whole man. He didn't want -anyone- to think of him that way. Contrarily, he thought of himself as not being whole.

But the person who now entered his recovery tent wasn't who he was expecting. This was a person he only knew barely knew of. But upon seeing her, Zy'fen stopped rocking Tianmar and watched while the blind Mindhealer sat down in the chair beside his cot. "Hello." That single word sounded wary, and weary, with undertones hinting at unease and anger.

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